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Presiam App

A new Crypto Social Networking and Earning Platform.


Presiam Features

Explore the next generation of Social Media in an app that is decentralized and disruptive — A platform with its own private blockchain, ensuring speed and stability. A social app with familiar wants like friend feeds and following — adding modern tech like a Crypto Wallet, Mining and Exchange, with 50% revenue sharing to you — It’s Social Evolution! — Welcome to Presiam.


The Presiam Social App is fully decentralized. No one person or company owns the network and that removes censorship.

Digital Wallet

Store all of your earned and transferred Presiam tokens in the Presiam Digital Wallet safely and securely.

Blockchain Validating

The app also uses the Presiam Proof of Stake mechanism for earning more Presiam tokens simply by using the app.

50% Rev Share

The Presiam Social App shares over 50% of all advertiser revenue with all community users on the Presiam platform.


If you’re a content creator you can post content as a publisher and earn a percentage of ad revenue on the Presiam platform.


Exchange the Presiam (PSRM) token for other tokens using the Presiam Token Exchange built right into the Presiam app.

Presiam Investment Opportunities

Passion for Presiam is extremely strong, so we’ve been asked by the investment community for two distinct offerings, and through our experienced advisors and their extensive networks, we have solidified two investment options.

First option – Secures a direct percentage, ownership interest in the Presiam Social Blockchain Project that owns and controls Presiam social including the App, IP, residual income and potential future IPO value.  This is the far more long-term position.

Second option – Serves the short-term, fast yield or cutting-edge crypto investor. This role does not hold a partner-owner stake in the company and focuses on a percentage of the digital assets in the form of the PRSM token. PRSM is required by all advertisers that will run any ad campaign on Presiam. Similar to airline miles or credit card points, PRSM is used to compensate members for Ads shown and track referral rewards for new users they bring into the network.  The PRSM token amount will be fixed, limited and cannot be increased, leading to a valuation determined by market demands. 

If you’re interested in being part of Presiam, you can reach us at or email us using the form below. We’d love to hear from you.

Want to see Presiam in action? 

Presiam is currently under development. If you have an Android device then we can send you the latest APK file and you can see Presiam in action. Simply send us an email below and we’ll reply with a download link to the Android version of the Presiam Social Blockchain Project App APK file.

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